A digital placeholder for Tim Beacham (aka Beach)

Welcome to Penguinbyte.com! 

I have had this site for over 17 years now. I initially wanted it for email purposes but it grew into other things.   I will use this site as a placeholder for some projects I do and that I would like to share.

In addition to some crazy hardware hacks, I also like to program.  While professionally I spend most of my time coding for the web, I do write standalone applications both for work and personal use.  

Some of my more well-known applications are QuickID and EZ-Execute - a GUI front end for psexec.    QuickID was a quick way to identify a machine.  It was great for servers or organizations with a large user base who have people call in for support.    QuickID made it into a magazine article in a publication from Japan many years ago.