Welcome to Penguinbyte.com

Penguinbyte is back...  :D

Ok, after a long break...  I have decided to bring penguinbyte.com back to life.  If you have come here for an app, check out the "My Apps" link.






So there are many reasons why, after all these years, I have decided to put the site back online...  I will answer questions below as I have been asked before and i'll make a few up...  

  • What will you use penguinbyte.com for?

    Mainly to share my apps that I write and find useful.   I will also use this site to post technical stuff, hacks I have made, and pictures... in a word, blog.
  • But why not use the free online blog tools?

    I just want one place for all my stuff.   I also feel I will have more control over binaries... 
  • Why don't you charge a fee for your apps?

    This is a great question, one that is asked frequently.   I have always benefited from free software, shareware, and of course Open Source software.   I am amazed at how good Linux is, or how good GIMP is, or PHP, PostgreSQL, this list goes on and on.   All of these projects are massive operating systems or applications... and to date I have not paid a dime for any of them.   I feel like free software, or Open Source, is a community picnic and everyone should chip in a dish.   Some of the apps I have created have gone around the globe.   QuickID was even featured in a Japanesse computer magazine once.   For a while I had the only Linux GUI for Hamachi (VPN sofware).  I feel like I have brought a dish or two to the picnic with the little bit of stuff I have created.    
  • Whats the deal with Penguins?

    I'm a big fan of the Linux operating system.  Penguins are kinda the official mascot of Linux so you see them a lot on Linux software.  Penguinbyte would be a play on words.   Apps for Linux... thus the penguin...   Penguins bite (ask Linus), so...  Penguin-byte.    Ok, now that I have typed it out it does not sound that great...  oh well, I have had the site for years....